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    XBox Wrestling Games Offer Fun, Challenges With Proven Best Graphics Online
    When it comes to wrestling games featured on Xbox, the breaking news is “more than 120 playable wrestlers” so gaming fans can enjoy almost double last year’s total with lots of really awesome characters. In fact, WWE 2K16 boasts the largest cast of playable wrestlers for “any game in the series.” This translates to lots and lots of really cool wrestlers for Xbox One and Xbox 360.

    Gaming news is filled with wrestling

    The lineup for the best wrestling video games featured on Xbox is perfect for the holiday season because “we can expect lots of wrestling games coming our way as presents,” stated a gaming fan on social networking websites. The fan is an Xbox “Live Gold” member who says he enjoyed “unlimited access” for all his favorite Xbox wrestling games as a subscriber; while also purchasing Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, WWE 2K16, Spelunky and Beyond Good & Evil HD for both is Xbox One and his family’s Xbox 360. The fan is justifiably happy since Xbox Live Gold members can claim “all sorts of great video gaming action” these days.

    Wrestling tops Xbox video game list

    At the end of the day, the many licensed video games based on the sport of wrestling are featured on Xbox, say longtime gamers commenting online. They note that classics, such as “Legends of Wrestling” from 2001 or recent hits such as WWE 2K16 and 2K17 are fun as all get out to enjoy on Xbox with friends and family. This vast selection of dozens and dozens of classic wrestling Xbox games has produced what gamers call as “total nonstop wrestling action.” For example, the allure of WWE 2K17 is the look and feel of professional wrestling on this top Xbox platform with this WWE 2K series featuring all the great interactive gameplay that it “looks and feels” like the real deal, say wrestling gaming fans online.

    Top-ranked Xbox video games

    The best WWE and WCM video games are featured on Xbox, say fans who’ve achieved that championship belt from playing these challenging virtual wrestling events. The game’s allure is linked to great wrestling life-like action and a sort of lighthearted fun that provides gamers with lots of laughs as well as excitement when in mortal combat with a host of top real-life wrestlers who now performing on video gaming screens.

    Overall, there has never been a better time to enjoy all the great wrestling gaming fun featured on Xbox platforms today.

    New Agreement Moves Two Wagering Firms Forward

    With the saturation of the online gambling market, there are always companies that are looking for a real leg up on their competition. TopSport believes it has found that leg up, thanks to a new agreement with Digital Sports Tech that will give the Australian bookmaker access to new player proposition betting offerings called Player Props.

    TopSport is going to be the third company in the area that will have access to this technology. While that technically doesn’t give TopSport a leg up all on its own, it does mean that the company can compete with other firms that have the new Player Props technology. The other two companies are MadBookie and Ladbrokes Australia.

    This technology allows for people to launch Player Props right from the platforms of their choice, such as TopSport. Where this tech rises above the other things that are on offer these days is that the bettors will be able to create their bets based on player performance across a wide range of statistical fields. There are almost limitless sports and props that can be created using this kind of technology.

    While this is certainly a way for TopSport to take another step towards attempting to be the kings of the online gambling world, the benefit to Digital Sports LTD can’t be understated. The firm has created a technology that is clearly in big time demand.

    “TopSport sees the huge potential of player related betting, and we will have many other operators signing up to Player Props over the coming weeks and months. It’s about time that punters can create exactly the type of bet they want; sportsbooks all over the world now recognize the power that our Player Props product offers.” Ari Lewski, the executive director of Digital Sports told SBCNews in a recent interview where the firms announced their partnership.

    For its part, TopSport seems to understand that the company has truly found itself a tool that will allow it to make itself more attractive to potential users. That’s a big deal when it comes to competing with the other firms that have been selling in this area for the last few years. Australia sees a large growth spurt in the business sector. Just how TopSport is going to be able to take advantage of the technology is still anyone’s guess but the flexibility Player Props offers is going to be a bonus no matter how it’s used.